April 30, 2012

my eyeshadow consultant

I genuinely don't know how I stumbled upon this site but thank you, lucky stars that I did! If you are a MAC eyeshadow fan then you're going to love it too. Makeup artist Zabrena has put together an impressive directory of MAC eyeshadow combinations complete with pictures, and called it My Eyeshadow Consultant. Simply click on the name of the eyeshadow and up pops a portfolio of photos pairing that eyeshadow with other MAC shadows. I have been perusing her site for only a few days and I have come across some great combos that I am excited to try. Zabrena says that although she appreciates the artistic side of makeup her goal is to keep all her looks wearable. I find she is not afraid to use unlikely shades together which proves that thinking outside the box can create really beautiful looks. I am loving this site and have been inspired to start using a lot of my shadows in ways I hadn't thought to before.

Of course this site is most helpful if you have an extensive collection of MAC shadows, but with the pictures Zabrena provides you can see the colors she uses and find dupes from your own collection to recreate the look. This site could also be used to help you decide which eyeshadows to buy when you walk into MAC and feel overwhelmed at the collection. Zabrena is expanding her site to include Urban Decay eyeshadows with what seems to be a heavy focus on the Naked palettes.

If you choose to do so you can pay a small fee and register with the site which will give you exclusive access to more eyeshadow combinations, newsletters, email replies and for another fee - even one on one Skype time with Zabrena. I am impressed with the extent she has gone to to provide inspiration for us makeup lovers.

Why are ya still here? Hustle on over there and I hope you have some time cause you're going to need it!

A look inspired by Zabrena using Greensmoke and Patina. I have had Greensmoke for quite a while yet I rarely reach for it. Using it in this way gave me a new love for it. I enjoy rediscovering shadows I already have in my collection. I hope this site can be useful to you too.


  1. Thank you for such kind words, Michelle! I'm truly touched! :)
    Love the Greensmoke and Patina combo on you - you are so beautiful!


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