May 7, 2012

a visit from my parents

We were lucky enough to have a visit from these nice folks this past week.

photo (62)

We really had a great visit. It rained pretty well the whole week which means we hung out at home quite a bit and that was nice. We got to enjoy some great visits and the boys loved having Grandma and Grandpa to play with all day long.

My mom always brings a “Magic Bag” for each of the boys. Every morning and through out the day she will put something inside the Magic Bag and leave it for the boys to find. (Isn't she adorable?) They love spotting the Magic Bag and pulling out their toys and treats. One morning the Magic Bag held some moustaches and we all got in on the fun.

 photo (64)photo (63)

The boys weren’t the only ones enjoying having Grandma and Grandpa around. It didn’t take long for Willow to decide my dad was pretty ok and snuggled herself up next to him often.

photo (60)

My mom and I snuck away for an afternoon to treat each other to Mother’s Day goodies. We went to Frilly Lilly to smell all the yummy things and bought each other a pair of earrings. We finished off our outing with a trip to a cupcake shop and shared lemon and chocolate raspberry cupcakes. She is one of my very favorite people to go out with, and it's not cause she always buys me things. :)

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We thoroughly enjoyed their company all week. We did some baking, swapped some recipes, went for a drive, played, played and played, watched some shows, ate treats and then ate more treats, planned our trip to FLORIDA for the fall (eeek!), and just loved being together.

I appreciate my parents for how supportive and interested in our lives they are. Neil and my dad stayed up till all hours of the night (literally!) chatting and talking. They always want to know how we are doing, how things are going and I appreciate how much they care. They help with the dishes, bathe and put kids to bed, and my momma folded my laundry and mopped my floor. Aren’t parents the best? I think mine are.  I am a lucky gal.

Thanks for coming, we miss you already!


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    We had the best time! Your family is a "magic bag" to me because in the mornings and throughout the day there were fun things to do and special treats. I loved every minute playing with those boys and talking to you. Our visits just always go tooooo fast! We love the Forsyths!!!

  2. How fun! I love when my parents come visit, too, they're so awesome. This made me miss you're mom and dad.


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