June 11, 2012

an inexpensive MUST have

I quite like the look of a defined winged eyeliner. This look is most easily achieved when using a gel/cream eyeliner and a brush, over a kohl or pencil liner. I have been using MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and have been quite happy with it until I absent-mindedly left the lid off and it dried up a little. Boooo. It was nothing so terrible it had to be thrown away but it did change the consistency a little and and has been a bit finicky to use since. My friend Laura knew that I was soon in the market for a new liner as I had inquired after her using a drugstore product and how she liked it. She said it was a nice product but I decided that because of my MAC Pro discount it made sense for me to just stick with Blacktrack as it worked out to the same price as the drugstore counterpart anyway. UNTIL, until Laura told me that she had come upon a new drugstore line – Essence, and that they had a gel liner that not only got great reviews on my favorite makeup reference site Makeup Alley, but was an inexpensive alternative at only $3.50! I looked up the Essence gel liners and found a great YouTube video showing swatches and decided I wanted the color Midnight in Paris, a deep dark black. Laura had found the line at a local Shopper’s Drug Mart and said she would pick me one up when she went back to purchase some for herself (what a gal!)

photo (91)

Folks, you’ve got to get your hands on this stuff. I am over the moon about this product (I know, I get a little worked up about a good find). It is fantastic! This product is easy to apply, dark and pigmented, does not smudge, fade or flake and did I mention it’s $3.50?!! The only issue is Laura had to go to about 4 Shopper’s to find the Essence line and my friend Sarah who is now on the hunt for this stuff has been to about 3 and can’t find it either. I think Essence is new to Canada (as their website says “now in Shopper’s Drug Mart”) and my guess is not all stores are carrying it yet. I believe you can find the brand at Ulta in the States. It is absolutely worth the hunt.

photo (90)photo (90)
I promise I'm happier about this liner than that - I forgot about the rest of my face - imagine a big toothy grin :oD

To compare Midnight in Paris to Blacktrack I would say Blacktrack is more of a paste, where this stuff is a true gel consistency. The packaging is similar, both in 3 mL round pots with screw top lids. The price point is where the biggest difference lies with Blacktrack setting you back $18 CA and Midnight in Paris coming in at $3.50. I don’t see myself using Blacktrack again, honestly, and not just because of the price difference. The Essence gel liner is deeper and a truer black than the fluidline and I genuinely find it easier to apply (and I am referring to my pre-leaving-the-lid-off incident.)

photo (92)
Essence Midnight in Paris on the left, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline on right

If you are a seasoned gel/cream eyeliner kind of gal I think you will be really impressed with this product and if you are a defined eyeliner beginner I think this is a great place to start – not only is this product inexpensive and not a great commitment to practice on, I truly feel it is easier to apply and work with than other cream liners I have used. I recommend this to anyone (everyone!) looking for a liner in this form.

Great work Laura.


  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2012

    Very nice eyeliner and very pretty earrings--but most of all a very pretty girl! Love you!!


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