June 4, 2012

smells like teen spirit

…or at least what my hair smelled like when I was a teen. If you follow my instagram you will know that I have recently come upon a hair product I favored when I was a teen - Revlon’s Outrageous shampoo and conditioner. I believe I used this stuff pretty steady for a lot of junior high and maybe into high school, I can’t remember. I loved the way it gave my hair bounce and volume and the smell, ooooh the smell. It actually makes me think of my good friends Jennifer and Laura, I seem to remember them commenting on the smell of my hair on more than one occasion.
 photo (79)

While just leaving the hair aisle at Wal Mart these bottles caught my eye and I stopped dead in my tracks. I hadn’t seen, let alone thought of, this product in years. At a whopping cost of $1.96 per bottle I decided I could grab them for old time’s sake, and conveniently I was almost out of my current shampoo and conditioner anyway. I can’t say that I love them as much as my younger self did. Unfortunately (?) I have acquired a preference for professional hair products and believe that in many cases you get what you pay for. A few weeks of use into the bottles I am noticing that while I do get that same softness, this product does seem to leave my ends rather dry. As someone that washes my hair once every 5 or 6 days I am also noticing my hair is rather limp and lifeless by that point, which it usually isn’t. Having said that, I am not a hair snob and am committed to using these bottles to the last squeeze and am going to enjoy every sniff of my hair as I do.

photo (80)


  1. okay, you only wash your hair once every 5 days! How lucky are you. I have to wash mine everyday or my hair is greasy. yuck.

  2. So funny. I recently found that stuff at Walmart too and bought it for old time sake. I was surprised and pleased to find that it smelled exactly the same as it did When I was in high school, not only that but the packaging is nearly the same as well. How unusual for something to stay the same for so long. It does make my hair super soft, but it doesn't do anything to keep it shiny.


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