August 30, 2012

homeward bound (hey, I think I've used that title before)

Family, friends and internet-land - something exciting is happening. Actually something exciting is going to happen, right now I'm just in the thick of laundry and cleaning out my fridge BUT it's all in preparation of going home tomorrow! The end of the summer is always bitter sweet but by this point I'm just anxious to pack the vehicles and head home. I have done an impressively poor job of updating you this summer but I promise with my return home I will be blogging regularly again. I have a check list of things to post about including instagram photos (mostly for my momma), products I'm loving (exciiiiiting!), makeup tips, some unfortunate blonde moments, outfits of the day (can we all say mustard skinnies?!), THE most shocking thing I saw this summer, and my favorite- the absolute worst photo that has ever been taken of me. No really. On my word it is the most incredibly heinous thing I have ever seen and I've been loving it. Tears, real wet tears, fell from my eyes because I laughed so hard. As disturbing as it is it would be a crying shame not to share it. So I hope you haven't forgotten me and will check back soon. Let me get packed, and then UNpacked, take a little camping trip with the family (no phones, ipads or laptops allowed - heaven! *sigh*) and THEN I'll be in full swing of things. Come back next week!

Believe you me, you're gonna wanna see this pic.

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  1. Ha ha ha...its very brave of you to post an incredibly heinous photo of yourself. It worked though...I'm very curious. Welcome back!


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