September 11, 2012

Finally feeling 'home'

Even when somebody takes good care of your house in your absence it does take a few days to make it feel yours again. We got home and unpacked enough to be able to pack back up and head out for a week of camping. So when we returned home with more to unpack and put away I really had my work cut out for me. This evening is the first time I can look around and feel comfortable again. Things are unpacked, washed and put away and the house is cleaned, organized and smells just how I like it. We had an amazing family vacation and the boys loved time with dad. Dad loved time with them too, especially when he had company in the bathroom, walking something over to the garbage, putting something back in the tent trailer and you get the picture - shadows. It was adorable.

I am happy to be home and have a laundry list of things to talk about. Hope you're ready.

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