January 29, 2009

I'll toast to that!

My mom is an amazing shopper. If there is a sale or a bargain to be had she will find it. She's that person that sees something for 30% off, takes it to the till just to be told it's another 50% off that! She's always finding great deals and I like to think a little of this luck has rubbed off on me. Well yesterday it definitely did!

I was out shopping for a new toaster oven as our toaster died last week and we decided to replace it with a toaster oven because of it's additional functions. We gave ourselves a $50 budget as really it may just end up being a glorified toaster and it's not like we need anything fancy. While in the neighborhood I went to Zellers (as I refuse to shop other places) to see if they had something for that price. I was looking at a few toaster ovens that were $49.99 and as I was figuring that one of those would be sufficient I saw it. Laying on the top of a box of a much bigger, shinier and fancier toaster oven was a sale sign. The price was regularly $79.97 but it was marked down to $35. Wahoooo I thought! I looked the toaster oven over and was impressed by it's far superior capabilities and quickly picked up a box to put in my cart. I looked back at the sign to make sure I had the right toaster oven before I took it to the till. Sure enough it was the only Black and Decker toaster oven priced at $79.97 so it had to be the right one. That's when I noticed that the dates for the sale were Dec. 1 - Dec. 28. My heart had only a second to sink before I thought of every shopping tip my mother has given me, one of which included - "If a sale sign is left up they have to honor the price." With her confidence and my own assertive attitude, I took the toaster oven to the till and sure enough it rang up at $79.97. I kindly told the cashier about the sign I had seen and after a phone call to a less than helpful department clerk, the cashier and I went back to the toaster oven aisle to further investigate the situation. The department clerk wanted to argue the toaster oven I had wasn't the right one... the staff stocking shelves had mistagged the boxes.... and on and on. The cashier was on my side the entire time and I just stuck to the policy that if the sale tag is left out you have to honor the price (which the cashier herself had already said). It was a short debate and soon I was back at the till purchasing a $79.97 toaster oven for $35!! I SAVED more than I was originally going to spend!

I brought it home and it looks so pretty on my countertop. We made toast for breakfast and I'm making dinner in it tonight, I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite thing.


  1. I've never had a toaster oven so I don't really know what you would use them for, what are you making in it for dinner tonight?

    Oh by the way, I want that curry recipe you have. You know the one that's super easy but Neil raves about every time? Could you send it to me?

  2. Well we've had one before and really it was just a glorified toaster but because this one is so much bigger and fancier I'm planning on using it for more. I don't want to give it too much credit but you can toast, broil and bake in it. My 9 X 13 pan fits in it so I'm going to give brownies a whirl and tonight I'm making a chicken/rice dish in my corningware. It's basically just a small oven... again maybe giving it too much credit, time will tell! (Uhhhh I'm not sure which curry recipe you want.... call me!)

  3. I'm so excited you have a blog! I'm a blog junkie. If you want to see mine, it's jennandjaredmoore.blogspot.com
    I will be changing the name soon, as I obviously overlooked the safety of my family when I named it.

  4. K so when I read this I was SO proud of you! You must have been absolutely terrified that I wasn't there to back you up! lol

  5. Hahaa Rach you are so right!! I honestly thought ok, what would Rachael do?! You should make me a WWRD bracelet for when I'm out shopping!

  6. I have that exact one and love it. I cook in it all the time. Works great. You will love it. Oh and since you probably don't have it and I just stumbled across yours here is my blog address. Check it out if you want

  7. I am so proud of you. You learned well at your mother's knee! I do love a good sale and you got one there for sure. Good going my girl!

    Your mom


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