January 28, 2010

I felt better already

So after throwing up all. night. long. I was understandably laying on the couch still feeling icky this morning. I had nothing in my stomach and was rather parched when Porter sat beside me and asked me to put a Super Why show on for him. I said "I'll put on a Super Why and then mommy needs to get a drink of water." Without any hesitation he said "I'll get it for you momma!" I asked if he said he'd get me a drink and he confirmed that yes he would. If that wasn't too cute I waited to see what followed. He jumped off the couch and went into the kitchen and I wondered what used glass he was going to find to fill up with luke warm water from the tap for me. Not my little man - I heard him grab a chair and drag it across the kitchen floor, open the cupboard where the cups are, clink around some glasses and get down from the chair, open the fridge and it wasn't until he couldn't quite push the button on the water dispenser that he hollered "I need your heeeeelp!" Neil helped him push the button and then Porter carefully walked the full glass of water back to me sitting on the couch. Like seriously, he's two, that was so adorable. What a thoughtful little boy who loves his momma.


  1. I love it! I love how kinda and caring kids can be. It just makes everything right in the world,doesn't it?

  2. Oh my good heavens! That is adorable. If my kids are even half as cute and nice and AWESOME as Forsyth babies are, I will be so pleased. (I don't know how many times I've said/thought that but seriously, it's pretty much an every day thing. Ask Vicky about the SUPER cute message Hayden left me the other day!)

  3. Oh, how cute!! What a little man he has turned out to be, and I am missing so much of it. I love that boy and knew he was special right from the start. He takes after his momma as she was smart from day one as well!!


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