May 29, 2010

Labor of love

I am trying to not just have another terrible day due to the fact that my beautiful basement is under rising waters and the news from home keeps going from bad to worse. I decided I needed to pick myself up and focus on the good things going on, cause there are many. First of which is my beautiful newly recovered double stroller. (If you want to skip the story and just see pictures click here, but come on, it's a good read!)

When we got to Edmonton it quickly became very apparent that if I wanted to leave my house with my 2 children I needed somewhere to put them! I found this double stroller on Kijiji for a reasonable price, especially considering the gal only used it for one summer. It was in great condition but the fact of the matter is it was HIDEOUS! (I thought about apologizing to any of you that may have the same one but honestly, I'm not going to, the thing was ugly.) I loved having it and found all of it's features to be wonderfully convenient but couldn't get over the fact that it was shamefully unattractive. My friend Laura has been on a bit of a project marathon and I decided I would bring up the idea of recovering it with her. (She can do anything!) We agreed that when I was home at the end of the month we would work on it and give the stroller a much needed make-over. I was almost positive it was going to be impossible but again, she's amazing and convinced me we could do it. When I decided to not go home for as long she selflessly agreed to still do the stroller for me and was confident it could be done in that time frame (I'm pretty sure she regrets it, haha!) Anyway, long story short, and not so short for Laura as I know there were late nights and no breaks to finish it for me, she did and it looks AMAZING! When I said thank you she responded with "I love you," and she really does. She's my longest and dearest friend and I love her more than most everything! I love my stroller and I'm so excited to push my cute boys around in it all summer.


I haven't taken pictures of it yet but she did a wonderful job documenting the before and after so go check it out here and please be sure to tell her what a fantastic job she did and what a pal she is for doing it for me, seriously what a girl!

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  1. Your stroller looks amazing now!!! Good job Laura! I wish I could do that but with my skills I would take it all apart and that would be about as far as I could get.
    So sad about your house and your van getting broken into. What a crappy day. I hope everything works out.


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