November 18, 2010

a cute craft and an embarrassing story

The Cute Craft

The other evening I went over to my good friend Stephanie's house where a few girls were getting together to make this:

Just paint a clay pot, hot glue a rose bowl to it and use the bottom of the pot for the lid. We had a friend print some vinyl to say "treats" but you could stencil it if you don't have access to vinyl. Both the pot and the bowl are from the dollar store so it's cheap, easy and super cute!  Now to keep little hands out of it.....

The Embarrassing Story

My friend Steph painted her pot black as her kitchen decor is all black and white, and then put her vinyl on the bowl since you wouldn't be able to read it on the black pot. The next day I went to her house and as I walked in the door she was telling me how she had gone out that morning to buy some white paint because she wasn't happy with the plain black pot. She had just finished painting white horizontal stripes all around the pot to jazz it up a little. I took my shoes off and walked over to her pot to have a closer look. I told her it looked darling and the stripes really did add a lot. She said she wasn't sure if the stripes were straight enough but that they would do. I motioned to pick it up and then said "I probably shouldn't heft it." and she said "oh, it's strong, I've been carrying it all morning." (I know you know where this is going...) I picked it up by the bowl and as I did the little lid started to slide. I kinda jerked the bowl to try and catch the lid which broke the bowl from the pot. At the same time the lid went tumbling in one direction and the pot went in the other and they both landed on her kitchen floor and SHATTERED. I was left holding just the little bowl that said "treats." She bent over laughing and I stood there mortified. We had made these the night before and she had just finished hers that day, her husband hadn't even seen it yet! I clearly felt HORRIBLE but couldn't help laugh and still laugh out loud to myself whenever I think of it. Good thing she's a great friend and found the humor in it instead of being upset about her lost hard work.

Soooo if you'd like to make one, they are cute and easy and cheap and a little fragile. Just be careful.

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  1. This is too cute! I have sent a couple of friend to your site to look at it for a Christmas gift idea.

    You really aren't a klutz--what happened with this?!?! I hope tha friendship isn't fragile, too!


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