November 19, 2010

felt pillow

When I decided to paint my dresser (which is happening this weekend I hope!!) I decided to sew some pillows in coordinating colors to tie the room together. I bought some cute patterned fabrics but wanted something more. My sister and I had both seen this tutorial and thought it would be the perfect compliment to the pillows I was going to sew. When I told Laura about it she sent me over to this tutorial as well. Apparently they are Pottery Barn knockoffs but don't judge me for saying it, I know nothing about Pottery Barn - well, other than these pillows which I think are cute. Anyway, before I show you the completed room next week I have to show you how this pillow turned out today. It's not perfect which would normally really bother me but I think it adds to her charm.

She's just precious.


  1. Will you ever cease to surprise me?
    This is by far the cutest pillow I have ever seen! I want you and Sharon to come and work your magic on my bedroom. It is the only room in my house that I have never been satisfied with. A few of these adorable pillows and some spray paint in various areas would really do the trick!

  2. Oh--I love it!! It turned out super cute.


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