November 27, 2010


Yesterday Porter and I were playing "grocery store" and I have to write down how the whole thing went. He said some really funny things and if I don't get them down now I'll forget.

When we play grocery store or "shopping" we take a few items from the cupboards, a small basket, some fake money (Canadian Tire cash - really, what else is it good for?) and Porter's play American Express card. One of us works the till and the other one shops then comes up to pay. Porter and I take turns and yesterday Porter told me he wanted to be "Sutil" (at the till). For those that don't know Sutil is a Formula 1 driver and F1 pretty much reigns over our household.

 While I was shopping I asked him what his store was called and he thought for a second and said, "We're No Cyclops." I said ok then (???) and asked him if he carried peanut butter at his store. He said "no, sorry, you should check Superstore or Costco." (Don't forget his little lisp.) And then told me that his store carried lots of other things like elephants, dinosaurs and skate boards.

After a while we traded and I was at the till and he was shopping. He asked me if we carried Mini Wheats and "rashed potatoes" so I showed him where they were and then he came to pay. He swiped his own credit card and then packed his groceries out to his car (the coffee table in the living room). While he was putting them into the trunk he stopped and said "oh, my back hurts!" (At which point I about died, how many times has he heard me say that?!!?) He then drove off to unpack them into his house.

Isn't being a mom (most days!) great?!


  1. Oh, Meech, this made my day! I could laugh at "Porter stories" all day and all night, too. Where does the kid come up with all of that stuff (well I know where the Formula I comes from--his Grandpa Todd--should I apologize for what it has done to your household? Heck, why should I apologize--I've had to live with that mania longer than you have!). And thanks for the picture--just need one of the other boy, too.

  2. I seriously LOVE this!! So stinkin cute! I love that kid!!


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