November 26, 2010

My Living Room

This post is mainly for my momma, she had no idea how a yellow dresser was going to fit into my living room. I promised her it would so now I'm going to prove it! :)

When I decided to paint my dresser mustard yellow there was not a speck of mustard yellow in my living room, not any. I knew I was going to have to tie it in somehow and when you don't want to buy all new furniture and drapes, what's the easiest way to add some color? Throw pillows. I bought some great fabric that had mustard yellow and also the burgundy color I already had in my living room. I also bought some felt to sew up a couple pillows I had seen online. I got busy and sewed, sewed, sewed!

I followed the second pattern on this tutorial to make this pillow. It's apparently another Pottery Barn knock off like the first pillow I made. It's not exactly the same but I am happy with how mine turned out.

I wanted to also tie in a little more of the turquoise that is in the pillows and I had this metal vase that I've actually never loved so I pulled out some leftover paint from this project and painter her up.

I also purchased this great turquoise throw for $10.

I added some cute vases to the dresser. I like the color and like the simplicity of the pair.

Then I called it DONE! It's just a few additions but I think it's cohesive and definitely a lot more colorful. AND the yellow dresser TOTALLY fits in! Right mom?!


  1. RIGHT MICHELLE!! I love, love, love it! The colors are so you and you did an awsome job on those cute pillows! (My favorite picture is the one with that cute little boy in it. I'd like to see some more of those.) You were right and I am so excited for you to have it done. Can't wait to see the finished family room, too!

  2. I am in LOVE with it! I love that you added the blue and the red as well as the mustard yellow! Brilliant! Those touches totally draw out the colors in the pillows--which I lOVE by the way!!! Really--it looks amazing!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! It looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in real life, it's always better that way! I am in love with that yellow flower pillow, it's my favorite!! So darling!! 2 things though. 1. You need an updated family pic!! And, 2. shorts?!! Isn't like minus a million there?!! ha ha ha!! So cute! Love it!

  4. I am a huge fan of bright colors! The yellow is just perfect and you did tie it in with the accessories.

    Great job!

    Have a great holiday weekend!


  5. It looks fantastic! Painting the dresser was the way to go. Your living room looks so great and really shows 'you'. I love it!

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