December 9, 2010

my iPhone

We all know people that are super opinionated when it comes to their technological preferences right? The types that make your ears bleed with all their MAC talk or the ones that have sworn off all Apple products for some moral reason or another. I'm not either, I suppose I'm technologically apathetic. I have been very happy with our HP and I also adore my iPhone 4 - which is actually what this post is really about - hence, uh, the title I gave it.

I got an iPhone 4 in November and have loved everything about it until last week when suddenly (and I have a few ideas why) it started acting up. It began to do a number of crazy things, my favorite being calling people all by itself at all hours of the night. Awesome feature. When Neil had to go to Calgary today I sent my iPhone with him to take to the Apple store to see what could be done about the poor dear. I was totally preparing myself for serious disappointment. Even though it comes with a one year warranty I was sure it would be like every other cell phone experience I've ever had with some story about how that's not covered, or there's some reason they can't help me or even if they can help me it's going to cost me an unwarranted amount of money. Neil's appointment was at 9:30 and at 9:40 he called and said everything had been taken care of. He walked into Apple and told the guy standing there that he had an appointment, the guy said "are you Neil?!" and he took it from there. He asked what was going on, took a look at a few things and said he would just replace it with a new phone. No questions, no hassle, no charge, just a new phone. I don't care what others say about Apple's nauseating quest for world domination, that is some serious customer service and I. am. happy. He activated it right there and handed it back confirming the one year warranty was still valid just as if nothing had ever happened.

Again, I don't profess to love one above others but in this experience I couldn't be more pleased.
Thanks there Apple.

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  1. awesome!! wouldn't that be sweet if every cell phone company to take a lesson from this?! I am currently with Bell...and boy oh boy! I do NOT have the same to say about them!


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