December 7, 2010

Thanks Wendy!

I'm picky. I like to call it particular because it's saying the same thing but sounds nicer. I also like to think that it's simply just knowing what I like and not bothering with the rest. This leads me into the recently-ended saga of my not being able to find a winter coat I like. When we first got married Neil set out on what he now realizes is an impossible mission, making me like winter. We went and picked out a winter coat with all the bells and whistles. Yes it was warm, yes it was dusty blue and grey and yes it made me feel like a boy. It was warm but I barely wore it because it was bulky and boyish. Since then I've not had a proper coat and have worn my wool pea coat instead. It's fairly warm but doesn't have a hood and doesn't break the wind (wind? what wind? this is Lethbridge!)

Last winter I was pregnant so when Neil and I had our annual discussion about purchasing me a proper winter coat I used that as an excuse to put it off for another year, oh wait, that was after I purchased and returned 3 of them. This year it was really just time to get out there and find one, assuming they make one I like. While out shopping I actually found TWO that I thought would do. The first was a white coat, cut long and slender, had a deep hood and had cute details which I like.

The only problem with this coat was that it was more of a shell than a thick coat- not the warmest of it's friends. I said I didn't really care because I always layer in the winter and I knew I'd wear it because it was cute.

The next coat was a black coat with some great heating technology called omni heat (think - making yourself a baked potato - same idea) and it was super warm and had those little hand-thumb-hole-thingys that I've always wanted!

I hummed and hawed about which one to get. Do I go warm since I'm buying a winter coat or do I go cute cause I know I'll wear it. The price of the white one was $199.00 on sale for $99.00 and the black one was $149.00 with no sale. I contemplated getting both and wearing them together sometimes as really that would make the perfect combination but decided I really didn't want to spend that much - that's $250!! All along the kind sales lady Wendy was helping us and throwing in her two cents. At the end I decided to go with the white coat and felt good about my decision.

All of a sudden Wendy told us to hold and and took both the coats away. She came back and said, "What would you say if I told you you could get them both for $150.00!!" My first response was, "What do we have to do?!" and she then said that we had really made her day (not sure how unless it's her favorite thing to watch an indecisive shopper) and that she wanted to let us take both the coats on her employee discount. It would be like buying the black one and getting the white one for free, or buying the white one and getting the black one for $100.00 off or... whatever, it's a great deal! DONE.

We went to the till, rang them up, gave Wendy a hug, and I walked away with not only one but two cute and warm coats. I can wear them separate or together and I'm happy with both. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible. Whew.

Thanks Wendy!


  1. I wish I could see the faces you're making in these pictures. I bet they're funny! The white one is SO cute!! And seriously, what a great deal.

    When I worked in the mall I would sometimes give my employee discount to people I didn't know if they were cool or nice or whatever. It's fun to make someone's day like that!

  2. Who is this Wendy girl and how do I get her to hook me up with a coat to replace the dusty blue and grey boy winter coat I have too?


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