January 26, 2011

my son is a statistic!

Upon a recent trip to see the doctor for the most swollen glands I have ever seen in my life we learned that Porter has a Bifid Uvula.

What is that you ask?

I'll explain.

We all have a hangy ball, er, uvula, at the back of our throats right? It is somewhat of a little tear drop shape correct? Well Porter's isn't. It is split down the middle like so:

Apparently this only happens in 2% of the population which means that with a son like that I'm totally going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. Ok no I'm not, but for reals this is rare and I've got it walking around my house! Apparently there are often some speech challenges that go along with this but for anyone that knows Porter you'll attest that his speech is anything but... well... challenged. There are also supposed to be a lot of middle ear infections because of this split uvula business but the doctor's appointment I mentioned earlier was the first Porter has had in his 3 years besides scheduled check ups. I'm hoping the only side effects of his split uvula is the fact that his uvula is split! It's pretty hard to get a good view of it in his chubby little mouth right now but I'm pretty sure once he hits elementary school he will be showing anyone that will stop and look. I can only imagine he's going to want to show this thing off. Boys.


  1. I always knew there was some-thing "newyeek" about that boy and
    now we know what it is. What an awesome thing to talk about when you play the game "Something You Don't Know About Me!" He is pretty special even if it was normal!! Love him so much!


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