May 31, 2011

a pedicure question

I'm warning you this isn't very exciting but as I already explained I don't have a lot of blog-post-preparation time these days, but I do want to discuss something:

This morning while I was clipping my toenails (how lovely, you can just picture it right?) I remembered this time I went for a pedicure and as the gal was just about to paint my toenails I asked if she could please trim and shape them first. She looked up at me like are you serious? and said she would but that it was a strange request that she had never been asked before. Whaaaaaa? She was giving me a pedicure which by definition is: professional care and treatment of the feet, as removal of corns and trimming of toenails. Trimming of toenails right? It's not like I asked her to give me highlights. Anyway. It made me wonder if I was the only ragamuffin out there that doesn't trim my own toenails in preparation for a pedicure. That led me to think about other similar situations, like the times I wash my hair before I go to the hairdresser, or my girlfriend that cleans the house before the housekeeper shows up. 

Do we just not want people to see us in our unkempt state when our unkempt state is the very reason we are employing their services? 

Are you a pre-pedicure toenail trimmer or a pre-hair appointment hair washer? 


  1. Ummm...when ever I've had a pedicure they have always trimmed my toenails for me, even if I had recently trimmed them myself. If I'm paying them, let them trim, wash or clean whatever they want :)

  2. They've always trimmed my nails as well. And I'm with Mandy, if I'm paying for the service, I don't do it beforehand.

  3. I can't believe she didn't trim and shape them. That is definitely in the job description!!

  4. I just used my coupon for a pedicure yesterday! And yes, she definitely trim and shape my nails. I trimmed them them a couple weeks ago. I love getting my toes done!! And I have washed my hair before I've gone for a hair cut. ohhh, and before the nicest girl in the world came to clean my house for me... I tidied up too. :)

  5. haha, I bet people are just too embarrased to ask her to do it because it may (for some,lol) feel weird to ask. They have always done my toe nails and remember when we were in la, my toe nails were already short and she cut them even though I told her not to bother(don't think she understood, she just smiled and said okay)and so then my toe nails were SHOORT! So I think your pedicurist(is that a word?)is the odd one out.

  6. I know this post is old but I like my nails really short like no white showing on my toe nails or finger nails and because of this I do cut my nails toes and fingers before I go.


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