May 26, 2011

Update and giveaway prize revealed

Pssst..... yooohooooo.... over here! Remember me? 

Hi cyberfriends!

I would like to propose that the busiest people in the months of May through August, second to Vivint managers, are the mothers of their children! I don't recognize my life although I am not complaining. I'll leave it at that as the reason for my absenteeism. 

Things are going well. We moved to new apartments in Saskatoon. (Apparently I have mislead you... or I guess just didn't tell you at all, that we actually spent our first month in Prince Albert. My own sister who evidently gathers information about me solely through this blog, didn't know that. So sorry friends, I was in Prince Albert, but now as you all believe anyway, am in Saskatoon.) The apartments are fine. Yes, small-letters-fine. Once all our own stuff was moved in and the work of my Scentsy, 2 Bath and Body Works plug-ins and 3 hanging car fresheners had banished the stenches that occupied the place, it's actually going to be great. The rooms are small but we have lots of storage and the location is awesome. We even have a backyard space *clapping* so things are going well.

So remember that time I offered to do a giveaway for gaining more readers and then didn't post anything for like the next 15 days? Yeah, me too. Well to entice you all to keep checking back here (and inviting your friends to do the same) I want to announce what the giveaway prize will be! You have all heard me rave about how much I love my Moroccan Oil right? Well, let it be written that once this blog reaches 100 readers a bottle of Moroccan Oil will be given away to one of them (and maybe a few other goodies too!) Yippeee, I hope I win! Oh wait.

Thanks for checking in, I promise to show up more often.


  1. i LOVE Moroccan Oil! its definitely a must have product, and smells SOO good!! actually i should say I love the Moroccan Cream, thats my fav!

  2. sorry, i was signed into the wrong blog- that was from Kimberlee

  3. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    I have been checking this blog three times a day for weeks and missing your funny, sarcastic, lovable sense of humor. I have been a reader of your blog since day one and certainly think I should win something! Guess Who!!

  4. I still have yet to go buy some so maybe i will just win some instead?


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