July 15, 2011

housewife fail

So, I tried to be really helpful and "iron" Neil's shirt with a hairdryer (I've used this method many times to get slight wrinkles out of skirts and light shirts, it works!) BUT instead I melted a perfect hairdryer-nozzle-circle into the front of his shirt. Yep. Wish I was doing your laundry?

He said he's still going to keep me though. :)

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  1. Sharon@thisthriftyhouseJuly 16, 2011

    Oh sad! I have never tried the blowdrying method! I should give it a try since I HATE ironing with a passion! And good on Neil. A melted shirt once and a while is a small price to pay to have you around. If you could come and live with me I would let you melt all my shirts!


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