July 26, 2011

it's been 10 years

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of 30 Rock. As I was driving home last week so I could attend my *cough, cough* 10 year high school reunion, I couldn't help but think of the episode where Liz Lemon attends her high school reunion and finds out that while she remembers being a nerd and the one to be picked on in high school everyone else remembers her as the bully and the one to do all the picking on! I have very fond memories of high school and would like to think I, and those involved, left it mostly unscathed which is why I was sure I was going to have a similar experience as Liz, where I show up anxious to see old friends only to realize everyone's disdain for me. Well... that didn't happen! Or at least not that was verbalized. So, 'twas a great 10 year reunion all around! Not only was I not singled out as a crazy bitz, I was voted as the one who "kept their good looks." So, thanks! I'll take that. (But.... wanna see my stretch marks? I totally fooled you.)

And on a related side note, I received a welcome reassurance this weekend as well. Nothing major, just an appreciation of my youth. I can say things like "my youth" now: I've been to a 10 year reunion. I grew up in a town of 1700 people and although it's developing it will always be a small prairie town. I absolutely loved growing up there and have treasured being a Magrath girl. Since my parents moved away 9 years ago I have unfortunately felt a disconnect from my hometown. Despite living there from 6 months old through 19 years old I have let myself feel like I don't belong there anymore. This weekend was so good in helping me realize that I am a Magrath girl, that I still belong there and that people there do love me. I'm sure this sounds trivial but I appreciated realizing that despite being gone for so long somewhere I love still loves me back.

Great weekend. 


  1. I'm SO glad you had a great time!! We were so lucky and blessed to be raised in such a great place as good old Magrath. Love that little town.

  2. Once a Magrath Girl always a MAGRATH GIRL! We will always love you and EVERYONE knows who you are. You are loved in just more places now that you have moved away. xoxo

  3. Great post. Of course you're a Magrath girl! What else is there?

  4. Don't go foolin' yourself! You are a part of Magrath! So good to see you as you passed by on your float. Wish I coulda seen more of all of you guys! Congrats on 10 yrs.


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