July 29, 2011

our new pets and some weekend pics

There is never a dull moment with my husband. Like the time I came home to find him roasting mini-marshmallows on our kitchen table over a campfire made of toothpicks. Or the time... or that other time.... you get the point. So when I was visiting home and he called to say he had "caught some pets" for Porter I could only imagine what they were. While driving home one night apparently there were frogs hopping along the road so of course he stopped to catch some, and by some I mean 12. He put them in his oversized water bottle and took them home.

This is the photo he texted me to inform me of his shenanigans.

They spent the first couple days living in our bathroom garbage with some saran wrap over the top. I told him it was cruel and that they couldn't live like that and he said not to worry he had been feeding them the lasagna I had left for him and he was sure if they got hungry enough they would start eating it. NEIL! He decided to start catching bugs for them and went outside to pick up rocks and collect the crawly things he found underneath. I was sure that I would have to come home and put the kibosh on this business but I got home to see he was really caring for these little critters (and thankfully had narrowed the collection down to 4) and had made them a comfortable home.

He'd also been to a pet store to buy crickets to feed them. All it took was one meal time where we all sat and watched them hunt and eat the bugs and I decided they could stay. So fun!

Porter is thrilled with them and stands and "ribbits" at them. We have yet to come up with some fun names though - so far we've got Frog-Frog and Frog On The Frog. Hmmm. Neil is reading up about how to winterize them and is sure we can get them to hibernate for a few months. Heaven help me.


Completely unrelated (and cause my mom cares more about my kids than my frogs), I wanted to share a couple photos from our trip home. One of the best parts of being home is playing so much with our neighbors and cousins. Porter couldn't wait to get home to "his kids." These yahoos are too cute and have a lot of fun together.

And I just had to crop out this picture of my Rigby. I can't believe how big he is getting. His fat little face, super blonde hair and little bum chin is just almost too much to handle! Cute, cute, cute.

Feeding frogs and kissing fat cheeks! Enjoy your weekend. :)


  1. Oh my heavens! That Rigby is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Chubby and Musha! I just want to eat him!! When do we get to see you guys so I can?

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2011

    Thanks Meech for realizing that I would REALLY rather see pictures of those darling kids than those uhh...green frogs!! I cannot believe how big all of those kids are, but I think that is the first time I have seen a full length picture of Rigby. He is so darn adorable and my goodness he is a chunk and grandma has missed all of those years of him getting to that state. (And why do only two of the kids have popsicles??) Please come and see us soon!!

  3. So funny she noticed the popsicles. Funny Conda Rae, must be a Grandma.
    I was noticing how ADORABLE Rigby was in those pictures too!
    And I love those froggies!! I wish we had some.

  4. The popsicles are frozen bananas, and either the other kids already ate theirs, or opted to not have one.
    Michelle, I love these pictures, they are so darn cute. I love that you cropped Rigby, he looks perfect! Having you guys home was such a perfect way to spend a week. :)


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