November 7, 2011

boys dressers makeover

For about a year now the boys have been using a large second hand dresser I bought from a friend. She did warn me of it’s condition but I have hated and cursed that dresser every time I had to open one of it’s dilapidated drawers. (Seriously, do I need a reason to procrastinate putting away folded laundry?) I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to buy the boys a new dresser. Initially I was looking for another large one for them to share but then decided on getting 2 smaller dressers because a) there are more options of how to position them in the room and b) if the boys don’t share a room one day they will have separate dressers to use. I’m a big fan of buying used and inexpensive, without the fear of putting in some time and a little elbow grease to make it look new and beautiful. I had only one requirement – the dresser must be solid wood, good and sturdy – none of this particle board junk.

I started scouring thrift stores and kijiji ads and found this little beauty at Value Village for $13. The drawers were in great condition, she was wood, and I knew I could fix her up.

photo (1)

My handsome husband getting his hands dirty. I don’t know what they used to paint the top of the dresser white (white-out? nail polish?) but once we started at it, it practically peeled off.

photo (2)

I wanted to find something somewhat similar to the first dresser so when I saw an add on kijiji for this one I was thrilled. The gal posted it for $15 but since I had exactly $13 change in my wallet she agreed to let it go for that price. I thought it was a good deal – 2 solid wood dressers for $13 each – not bad!

photo (3)

I wanted the dressers to be fairly neutral in color, nothing too wild like this dresser makeover! I chose Heirloom White by Rustoleum, a very popular color and rightfully so, it’s beautiful. I was able to get 2 coats of paint on the first dresser before it got too windy and I had to stop. I hoped the next day would allow me to finish but it was too cold so we moved the dresser back into the boys room and hoped for a nice day soon. I watched the forecast like a hawk, looking for a window of weather that allowed me to finish this project. The next week I was given a gift from Mother Nature of one beautiful day that I was able to haul the dressers and drawers out (by myself!) to finish the first dresser and start and finish the second. It snowed the next day. True story.

The dressers in my work station on our back pad. 

photo (4)

I made the boys some popcorn to keep them occupied while I painted. Of course the entire bowl ended up on the grass but they ate it anyway. (Yes, that’s Porter in shorts and a cut off. I told you, that day was a gift!)

photo (5)

And here they are in all their glory, moved back into the boy’s room.

Dresser 1


Dresser 2


The hardware I chose for the set. I was originally going to get handles but really liked the look of these knobs. I think the dressers look like they are wearing double breasted jackets!


And here they are, sitting side by side, not identical but close enough to match. Kinda like brothers.


  1. So nice, Meech! I love it that you are so thrifty (like this thrifty house) and could do these things up so cute. I love them!

  2. I LOVE THEM!!! And I was thinking the SAME thing about the double breasted jackets!!! I love the way they turned out!! How many cans of paint did you end up using?

  3. I love them! I wish this were my story :)

  4. I can't believe how good they match for being from completely different places! They are just the right amount of different.


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