November 8, 2011


Neil and I had the amazing opportunity of attending an 8 Pillars seminar this weekend. I wasn't especially thrilled about attending a financial seminar (yawn) but went with my husband anyway.

It. Was. Fantastic.

The author of the book "8 Pillars of Financial Greatness," Brian Nelson Ford himself, was the presenter. It was inspiring, informative, funny, educational, eye-opening AND they fed us lunch (love a free lunch).

I won't try and explain it all to you but if you want to check it out here is the link. Neil has read more of the book than I have but after the seminar I am excited to get into it. (I just said that. About a book.)

I'm not blogging about a financial seminar because I really think you're interested in hearing about it. I'm blogging about it so you can help me take responsibility for one of the goals I have set. After the seminar Neil and I discussed our finances and set ourselves some goals. I committed that I would not make a purchase for myself in the month of November. That means no clothes or shoes, no accessories, no makeup (besides some mascara - mine is reaching the end) and nothing for the house other than project supplies.

I decided that to help keep myself accountable I would let you know at the end of every post if I have been successful in achieving this goal. It's so easy for me to buy something on impulse (seriously, the clearance shoes are always size 6!!)  but figured that if I had to come and blog about it I'd think twice before I took it to the till. Easy? Easy.

Thanks for being there.


  1. I am soo impressed and inspired I think I will be doing the same now. lol. I just want to be you obviously... but seriously great plan!!

  2. Thats a great idea! Dustin just started working at Investors Group as a financial Advisor and some of the stuff I've learned is so interesting.

  3. Haha. When the dude asked who would cut up their credit card right there I was like Lee let's do it!! Come on Lee, it'll be fun. (he didnt go for it, we probably would've got some of that cash out of it).
    But seriously, I went to the bank yesterday, took out an 'X' amount of dollars, and said this is it, this has to last us until the end of the month, once it's gone it's gone. oh..and I may have confiscated all the 'cards'.


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