November 3, 2011

faux roman shades

When I was visiting my sister Sharon she showed me an awesome tutorial she found on how to make faux roman shades. I immediately wanted to make some as I’ve never loved the mini blinds in our kitchen but didn’t have an idea of a window treatment I wanted to do. Sharon made some for her boy’s room and they are darling. It is another easy, cheap and fast project that makes a big impact. Score!

This is the tutorial we followed. Don’t you love how hers turned out?! I didn’t want the backside of my fabric to be seen from the outside so I lined my shade with white broadcloth. Even with adding that extra step this project went very quickly.

I don’t want to be a one trick pony but I do think I’ll be doing this in more rooms of my house!

the shades open


the shades closed

*I am happy with the way they turned out except for the way they all bunch at the bottom. I thought they would fold more evenly down the length of the blind. When I look at other tutorials it seems they are all the same with the bulk at the bottom, which makes sense when I think of the construction of it. Even still it looks adorable. If you'd like to make some I recommend the tutorial we followed. Her instructions are clear, with lots of photos to help.


  1. They are even cuter than on face time! Love how they turned out!!

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