November 9, 2011

I call them my Rigby hairs

Those of us that are moms understand the phenomenon that is hair growth and hair loss related to pregnancy. While we are pregnant we enjoy beautiful thick and healthy hair but shortly after baby arrives we endure nasty handfuls of hair clumps as all we gained now falls out. After my babies are born I shed like an angora sweater for months. Ge-ross.

Another thing I’ve noticed post-partum is the sprouting of new little baby hairs. I seem to get them right on my hairline, framing my face. At first they are inconspicuous little fuzz that hide nicely under the longer  hairs. Soon they are not long enough to bury but stick straight up like little antenna on the top of my head. Beautiful. I sprouted some of these baby hairs after Rigby was born and this is what they currently look like. They have finally reached a length where they lay down but they still do their best efforts to stick straight out, or at least not blend in with whatever else is going on up there. I am terribly annoyed by my involuntary fringe and do my best to twist, pin, braid and slick them away. I await the day they have grown to the length of my shortest layer and at least look like they belong.


Tell me you experience this too?


  1. Oh I hate it!! I'm in the hair-falling-out stage. It's all over my house, gets in our food, in the baby's hands, clogs up the drains, it's everywhere! I haven't worn my hair down for weeks. I'm considering shaving it all off.

  2. I wish I could grow some extra hairs on my forehead, haha.


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