January 19, 2012

clever boy

For my birthday a couple girlfriends gave me a cute gift – a box with 29 suckers in it that says “29 sucks.” (Hee hee!) As you can imagine my boys have been all over it and ask for a sucker a few times a day. We were hanging out downstairs and after Rigby had had his fair share of suckers I walked up the stairs and put the box on the ledge so it was out of reach.

A few minutes later I came up and found this:
photo (9)

And walked into the family room to find this:
photo (10)

Please excuse the blurry photos, I had to grab my phone and snap quickly as the little culprit was trying to run away.



  1. hahahha love him! miss your cute faces.

  2. Trouble. That is the beginning of trouble. From here on out nothing is safe.

  3. Oh,no! Another very smart boy to raise! He looks so grown up in this picture and he also looks a lot like Porter as well. I love him--even if he is a walking stomach!


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