January 12, 2012

your response

Wow, thank you! I can't believe how many of you commented on my cry for help - where are all y'all every other day? :) Jokes aside, thank you for offering your opinions and advice. You gave us some really great points to consider, things I hadn't even thought of yet. I truly appreciate it.

It is pretty obvious to us that there isn't a right or wrong choice, as we've all agreed. Neil and I both have late birthdays as well and to further complicate our decision - he was sent early and I was held back, haha. I guess rather than complicating things that should prove to us that either way is right - we both turned out (mostly) ok!

Thank you again for offering your thoughts, they gave us a lot to talk about and we are confident we can make the best decision for Porter. I'll keep you posted!

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