March 5, 2012

hair revolution

I know, another post about hair. I have mentioned a few times now that I don’t feel especially talented in the hair department but after a recent hair-doing-tutorial from my amazing friend Rachael I am confident in saying that deep down I really do have some skills. Look what I did!

photo (24)

Besides the insightful and helpful tips she gave me she also told me about a thermal spray she has been using and really likes. I have used thermal sprays in the past but after finding they made my hair too sticky, too heavy or too limp I stopped using them. She told me about an inexpensive (around $10) product from Sally Beauty Supply called Flat Iron Addict.


It’s an aerosol spray (I find those pump sprays disperse too much product and make your hair wet and weighed down) and it has a mild smell. Best of all while it protects your hair it makes it shiny and helps hold the curl. I think the lasting curl was what thrilled me most about using this product, surprisingly the above picture was taken after a long Sunday afternoon nap. :) This spray does not leave my hair feeling sticky, heavy or flat at all. I am really impressed with this thermal spray and wanted to share as maybe some of you have had a hard time finding a product that works for you too.

Happy good hair day!


  1. Ok, I would love to hear the tips Rachel gave you... you're hair looks so great!

  2. sooo cute!!! I want a tutorial from you now on how you got it to look like this... TUTORIAL PLEASE!

  3. You had a nap?!!! Wow!!! You're hair looks awesome! Do you think that product would do anything for my hair? I'd love to be able to have curls like that.


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