March 6, 2012

the kindergarten question: we have made a decision

If you know me you'll know I did not arrive at this decision lightly. Choosing what scent of dryer sheets to buy sends me into a panic so you can imagine this was a big deal. I want to thank all of you again for your input and advice, we really did consider a lot of your thoughts when making our decision.

It's funny because even typing this now I am somewhat surprised at the choice we made. From the get-go I felt good about putting Porter into school this fall and thought that we would just go ahead with that plan when in fact, we have chosen to keep him home another year. I guess the most simple way to explain why we chose this is because it will make our life as a family unit much easier. As you know we move away every summer and with our job starting at the end of April we would have to be apart for 2 months. Not fun. Keeping Porter home this fall gives us one more year doing this job before we have to make any kind of decisions regarding how we will work that out. This wasn't our only consideration while making our decision but it was a big one, and I think a very valid point.

Of course we were also sure to consider what would be best for Porter individually. We took into account the fact that while yes, he is very bright and articulate he would definitely benefit from another year at home to grow and mature emotionally. I am not in a rush to get him off to school and think that another year home with his family will be a positive thing. I found myself saying over and over, "well, if we don't have to send him..." I don't see a point in making him grow up any faster than he has to. I foresee going to kindergarten at age 5 instead of 4 will help build his confidence and make him a leader as he will be one of the oldest in his class and will be with kids closer to his age which will be a more comfortable environment for him.

I believe he would have been fine either way but as so many of you have said there are no risks in keeping him home whereas there are potential risks in sending him too early. I felt like if we didn't have to send him, why would we when it would make our family life less confusing and he would have another year to grow and develop which only improves his opportunity for success.

So there. We decided. I have spoken to his teacher and she is in full support and looks forward to having him next year. I think we've done the right thing.


  1. We had Miss Pati's parent info night last night and I was wondering what you had decided. I guess we will see you next Fall in Miss Pati's. McKenna will be going next year!

  2. I think you will be very happy with your decision!! Here in the states you don't even have the decision to go if you are not 5 by September 1st. I think you will enjoy having him home one more year!! He is such a fun boy!! It will also be good for him to be older for sports and will definitely be nice for Neil's job!!


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