February 28, 2011

eyebrow makeover

When I stumbled upon this video (love Kandee!) I knew that if I could go upstairs and find my baby manicure scissors I would be trying this within the next 5 minutes. I have been fine with the shape of my eyebrows but have never felt that they hold their shape as the hairs are long and scraggly and as soon as I walk out of the bathroom they're all over the place. Remember this post?!

Look how fluffy these things are, like little caterpillars perched on my forehead. Ok, not that bad but you can imagine if they were...

Well I went upstairs and found the little scissors (right where they should be, love that!), my Tweezerman and my brow brush and got to work. I figured if it turned out disastrous it's just hair, it'll grow back, right?! It's 10:30 on a Friday night, Neil's out of town - why wouldn't I be in the bathroom cutting my eyebrow hairs with Rigby's nail trimmers?

Within a few snips I could tell I was on to something. Immediately my brows started to take shape and looked neater and trimmer.

Before                                                                                          After

Here they are the next day, all neat and tidy.

I'm going to skip the tutorial because Kandee's video is perfect. This is not revolutionary and maybe after reading this you're going Michelle, I do this weekly! Well it had never occurred to me to actually trim the hair and I can't believe what a difference it's made. Thanks Kandee!! I still want to find one of those razory things she uses to trim above the eyebrow. Side note: It totally reminded me of the time my BFF and I were in China getting our glamor photos done and the gal doing our makeup completely shaved her eyebrows off and then penciled them back in. (Shar, remember that?!! Hahahaa!!)

Soooo if you have long luscious (eyebrow) locks like I do did, I suggest you give this a try!

If you do try this please do me a favor and come back and comment and let me know what you think, don't be shy! I want to hear how much you love your eyebrow makeover!  
(Seriously, I sound so lame.)


  1. Love! Can I just wait and you can do it for me in AZ? I don't trust myself!!

  2. seriously...I need to come for a make-up lesson...I'm this old, and never really learned anything 'beautiful' about make-up...now I have a daughter who hates her brows and and taken things into her own hands in drastic ways! Yikes! We both need to come for a lesson on make-up and the likes!

  3. I totally want to do Colin's eyebrows now (and my own). What a sweet video, I would never even have thought to actually GROOM my eyebrow, that's awesome.

  4. I don't usually trim MY eyebrow hair, but let me tell you I have done it for tones of people!! ha ha, especially guys! But I wax eyebrows too, and that was often a part of the grooming! Yours look very cute by the way!

  5. ha ha!! Yep I sure do remember that! Sitting in that hot sticky chair with little hairs getting stuck in my lip stuff saying, "Michelle, what are they doing to me?!!" Awesome!! Your eyebrows look amazing by the way!! Who would have thought it would make that much difference!


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